What kind of pictures do we need?

  • Photos do not have to be professional but must be clear and in colour, with no computer effects or re-touching. One headshot, one side profile and one full length photo.
  • Try to relax your face and do not pout, but give a big friendly smile (headshot)
  • Keep your hair as natural as possible, but make sure it is not hiding your cheeks or face
  • Please do not wear make-up, sunglasses, hats etc.
  • We need to see your jaw line so your hair needs to be kept away from your face (side profile picture)
  • In your full length photo, please avoid wearing baggy clothes and simply stand up straight with your shoulders and back relaxed

NB: Ensure that the images you send are not larger than 3MB in size. All applicants live in Gauteng to join N8ive Model Management